How Restaurant Info helps solve recruitment scaling pain points.

In 2017, the restaurant industry saw $799 billion in industry-wide sales, with the restaurant workforce comprising 10% of the entire U.S. workforce. In total, there are 14.6 million restaurant industry employee’s, with a projected 1.6 million new jobs created by 2027. A recent Restaurant Info solution blog post discusses the projected increase in the restaurant workforce.

In August of 2018, Nation’s Restaurant News conducted a survey that found more than two-thirds of restaurant operators quoted an increase in competition for workers as a driver in rising costs. Respondents also purported “labor competition eclipsed new minimum wage laws as the top challenge for operators.”

Further, the survey found back-of-house employees are the most difficult to recruit, with 59% stating this as their primary recruiting and retaining challenge. Front-of-house positions weren’t as much of a concern as 28% of owners cited this is as a concern.

The Restaurant Information solution allows restaurant owners to quickly and simply post their open positions, and qualified staff to easily apply for those jobs online. Candidates can search for jobs here, and employers can post jobs here.

While there may be issues with fiscal costs to onboarding a new employee, turnover, and new hire impacts, Restaurant Info can help owners scale their recruiting processes in the following ways.

Highlighting your recruitment brand

It takes energy to focus on what sort of employee fits right into the brand and culture a restaurant owner seeks to cultivate. By addressing the key points of a restaurant’s brand in the job posting, an owner can expect to receive applications from candidates that seek to work in that environment.

When posting a new position on the Restaurant Info post a job section, owners will be able to describe the position and the company, upload a video, link a Twitter account, even request a personality profile service Restaurant Info offers.

Screen applicants before interviews

In 2018, the restaurant industry witnessed a 73% turnover rate. The Restaurant Info solution combats turnover by offering the ability to screen candidates at the time of application submission. When posting positions, employers can verify whether the job requires authorization to work in the USA, a background check, or a personality profile test.

Additionally, since each applicant interviewed will have the requisite amount of experience and interview skills, the hiring manager can then focus on critical components of what will make the candidate a reliable fit.

Increase access to the talent pool

Don’t rely solely on walk-ins and referrals. To reach the talented candidates a restaurant seeks, they need to open their casting net to other networks. Building a strong recruitment brand and casting a wide net can allow the restaurant to locate those with high potential.

Gain access to the profiles that have registered on the Restaurant Info website and uploaded their resumes. In a digital age, you never know whether your next employee will have heard about an open position from word of mouth, or through the Restaurant Info portal and social media accounts.

Automate the hiring process

Today, fewer and fewer restaurants are accepting paper resumes, by automating the system you can free up time for the hiring manager to only focus on candidates with the characteristics that best suit your restaurant’s environment.

In 2018, a Toast industry report found a decline in the popularity of restaurant advertised in an older medium like television and newspapers. Restaurant Info’s job search platform makes it easy to reach a wider audience of the new tech-savvy workforce, as well as automate processes so owners can focus their energy where it most matters.

Make the application process easy

Let Restaurant Info do the heavy lifting of connecting your restaurant with a talented employee. The job search function and job posting function make it easy for both owner and candidates alike to get connected.

Within a matter of minutes after creating a profit, or posting an available position, our users will be able to connect effortlessly.

Use social media to spotlight available positions

We believe in engaging the restaurant industry and community. Social media is the easiest way to manage the brand of a restaurant, as well as sharing new and pertinent information about hours, courses, and new openings.

Restaurant Info posts announcements of job openings across our social media platforms.