How to land a Front of House (FOH) position at your restaurant of choice.

Searching for a new job in the restaurant industry can entail knocking on a lot of doors, and having many conversations with individuals within one’s personal network. It might take numerous conversations with various hiring and general managers, before the front of house (FOH) applicant finds an employer that is a perfect fit.

Restaurant Info was designed to remove the hassle of knocking on doors and reaching out to people within a job applicant’s network. When an applicant submits their resume and professional profile to Restaurant Info, our algorithm’s will connect you with a restaurant-employer.

Once an applicant finds the restaurant of their dreams, they should be equipped to demonstrate they’re the right employee for the position.

Front of House needs

When searching for a FOH position, the applicant should pay attention to a restaurant’s FOH processes, how staff moves about the floor, and these various positions during a frantic rush hour. When applying for a position within a restaurant, observe the following FOH staff:

  • Bartenders,
  • Servers,
  • Bussers,
  • Hosts, and
  • Barbacks

Once an applicant has identified a restaurant where they believe that can best provide their services, they should be prepared to convey a multitude of sought-after employee traits. Qualities and characteristics a hiring manager will look for in FOH staff include:

  • Comfort in communicating and interacting with a broad variety of people.
  • Ability to interact with customers who might be difficult.
  • Multi-tasking by checking in on customers, running payment processes, coordinating on drink and food orders with FOH and back-of-house (BOH) staff, etc.
  • Maintain a presentable image during work hours.

Additionally, the applicant should have prepared a resume, and have a hard copy at the time of their interview.

Restaurant Info has previously covered the topic of developing a quality resume, which can be read here.

Applying for a position

When applying for the position, treat any staff person you talk to as if they are a patron you will assist during their visit to the restaurant. This will convey an example of the service you will provide to future customers, in an easy way for the hiring manager to see.

At the time of the interview, the applicant should have and do the following:

  • A positive attitude and a pleasant tone.
  • An example of how they clearly understand and can convey menu items.
  • Dress business casual.
  • Arrive ahead of the scheduled interview time.
  • A copy of their resume.

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