Recruitment and retention, and the Restaurant Info solution.

It has been ten years since the economy fell to spectacular lows and the financial crisis forced the average American to reduce discretionary spending on eating out, leisure, and/or travel. Since then, the unemployment rate has been going down and the economy trending upwards.

In 2017, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) estimated over 1,000,000 restaurants are established across the nation. However, many of these restaurants have found issues meeting staffing needs. The national unemployment rate is 3.8%, but labor challenges have been emerging, employee turnover rising, and labor pool shrinking.

Just last year, the NRA said recruitment and retention continued to remain a challenge for restaurant owners. Stating, “as the economy keeps improving and employment levels rise, there is more competition for qualified employees to fill vacant restaurant positions.”

This is largely a reason Restaurant Info’s tech-driven niche job-seeking platform strives to provide accessible information for both staff and owners. The trend moving forward doesn’t project fewer employees needed, but more.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has found demand for employees in the restaurant industry will grow over the next ten years, as is seen in the following projections:

  • For cooks, an increase in worker demand from 1,231,000 in 2016, to 1,377,200 in 2026
  • For waiters and waitresses, an increase in worker demand from 2,600,500 in 2016, to 2,783,000 in 2026.
  • For bartenders, an increase in worker demand from 611,200 in 2016 to 626,300 in 2026.

Despite projections for a larger workforce one question continues to remain.

How can restaurants improve their ability to attract and retain qualified staff?

How Restaurant Info solves recruitment 

The Restaurant Info solution seeks to connect qualified, passionate employees with employers in unique and thriving restaurants. Restaurant Info was developed and launched to provide the user with effective tools and accurate insights to help the restaurant owner and employee run a smooth operation, from back-of-house to front-of-house.

Restaurant Info is establishing itself to be the premier job search site of the restaurant and bar industry. We’ve invited thousands of the top restaurants across the globe to post their open positions, to shorten the amount of time with open positions, and also select among the most talented professionals.

Our vision is to be the premier website to connect the best applicant’s with the individual restaurants. Looking forward, Restaurant Info aspires to be a centralized hub for procuring restaurant related products and services, while providing amazing original content and helpful information.

If this is the readers first time using Restaurant Info’s services, there are two instructional videos to help familiarize oneself with the platform. Our Podcast section of the website provides a “How to Create an Account” for both candidates and employers.

To get started, visit and click “Sign Up” in the upper right hand corner.

We look forward to connecting you with your next employee, or helping you find the restaurant of your dreams.