The Top Three Perks that Matter the Most to Restaurant Employees

Working in a restaurant can be a demanding task which therefore causes a high turnover rate. Offering employees perks however can make them want to stay and employee retention is important because training a new employee cost 4 times as much as keeping an existing one. With all of that being said here are the top three perks that matter the most to restaurant employees.

  • Free Meals: This can actually end up being a benefit for both sides. Employees at restaurants are often asked to work through meal times so offering them food at the end of their shift is a nice way of saying thank you and showing them that you appreciate the work that they are putting in. It also helps them to try the menu items so they are able to make informed recommendations to customers and it helps to control food waste.
  • Cash Bonuses: Reward employees for a job well done with bonuses in cash. It can be for anything from always being punctual to never getting a complaint about them. It can also be used as a motivational tool to get an employee who is always late or always calls in sick to come to work consistently.
  • Growth in the Job: One of the main reasons why skilled, high performing employees leave a restaurant job is because they feel like there are no professional growth opportunities available to them there. This can be combated however by setting up your employees on an online learning platform where they can learn new hospitality and business skills.

Working in a restaurant can be a stressful job so it is important for employers to make employees feel appreciated and this can be done through various different perks. If you are looking for a job in a restaurant or a restaurant looking for employees make sure you contact our team at Restaurant Info!