September 21, 2020

3 Key Items In a Great Employee Handbook

Hiring, training and retaining restaurant staff can be some of the most demanding parts of managing a restaurant. As the founders of Restaurant Info, our goal is to help change this for restaurants across the United States. 
A key component in restaurant staffing success is to have clear expectations for new employees. One of the best ways to achieve this is by creating a great employee handbook that is specific to the restaurant's needs.

3 key items that go into making a great employee handbook are:
  1. A strong introduction: This will be a staff member’s first impression of the company, so it is extremely important to have a strong introductory section. This part will set the tone for the company and show the staff member the restaurant's culture. It should make the employee feel excited to join the restaurant's staff and a welcome part of the team. Consider including and introduction for the head of the restaurant, a short history of the company, and the main take away points from the handbook.
  2. The company's core values: What is important to the restaurant? Most organizations have a mission statement, a vision for the future of the company, and traits that are valued within its culture. Make sure to include these in the restaurant's employee handbook. It will let the staff know what is expected. 
  3. Clearly-stated policies: Another important section to an employee handbook - perhaps the most important - is the policy section. What are the mechanics of how the restaurant runs? What will and will not be tolerated? How are benefits, time off, and payments handled? These topics need to be crystal clear to all employees. Seeking legal counsel to review staff policies can be helpful in ensuring that the restaurant's policies are stated in a manner that employees can understand.

A restaurant's employee handbook will set new employees up for success, and therefore, the restaurant’s success. By being purposeful in its creation, managers can ensure that employees are on the same path to success as they are. 

If you are having a hard time managing and keeping great employees, that is what we are here for! Take a moment to learn more about how we help restaurant owners here.

by RIBlog