Getting Started

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Creating Your Resume

You can create an RI resume through your Restaurant Info account. Once you've created and confirmed your Restaurant Info account, log in and navigate to Manage Resume

After filling out basic information, you will be taken to your resume page, where you can add any relevant information including past job experience, education, any skills you wish to highlight, a profile picture, and add any supplemental documents. Your RI Resume is only available to potential employers. The more information that you supply, the easier it will be for an employer to find you.

Browsing Jobs

With Restaurant Info, you can find jobs that cover both the front and back of the house. To start looking, you can go to Browse Jobs which takes you to our Job Search page.

You can search our database of jobs by specifying either a keyword, or location. Once you submit your search, the matched results will display, where you can use optional fields, or sorting methods in order to find your match.

Applying to Jobs

Once you've found a job that you like from Browse Jobs, you can apply to it by clicking on the search result, which will take you to the job post page. From here you can click on the apply button.

After the "Apply to Job" prompt opens, it will display your basic info. Next, you can supply your own message to the employer on why they should consider you for the position, or use the provided basic template. Finally, you must provide a resume in order to apply for a job. If you've already created an RI resume, then you can apply by selecting "Import Resume". If you do not have an RI Resume, you can choose to upload one with your job application, or select from previously uploaded files. These files must be either a doc, or pdf file.

Viewing your Applications

After you've applied to a job, you can view all of your applications at My Applications. On this page, you'll be able to see your job applications.

Choosing a Subscription

Once you've signed up for an RI account, you can view our Employer packages. From here you can choose one of four different subscription models. Currently all of our models are being offered with a Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal, meaning if you choose the 3 months package, you'll get the proceeding 3 months for free. Subscribing to any of our memborship models enables you to post unlimited jobs per restaurant, as well as browse all candidates in our database.

Posting a Job

After choosing a subscription, you can go to Post Jobs to start creating your job listing. From here you'll be able to post any relevant details you want displayed on your job posting, along with adding your restaurant. If you've already created your restaurant, it will be selected automatically.

Browsing Candidates

Restaurant Info has many resumes posted by job seekers. If you'd like to search through the candidates that we have on our site, you can visit Browse Candidates. On this page, you'll be able to search by keyword and location. Once you've submitted a search, you can further filter the displayed candidates by skills, job experience, etc. Click on any candidate to view their profile.

Managing Jobs

Once you've posted a job, you can visit Manage Jobs to see your posted jobs. From here you'll be able to mark a job expired/restore a job, and view all applications for your job. If you want to make any edits, you can click on the job title, which will take you to the listing, and from here you can click on "Edit"